Police in Samoa arrest and charge 24 people after village brawl

At least 24 people of Vaiusu village in Samoa have been arrested and charged with throwing stones after a brawl involving several young people of Vaigaga and Vaiusu villages in the suburbs of Apia.

The brawl led to stones being thrown at family homes and vehicles, causing damage, and even windows of a village church were broken.

The police met with matais of both villages on Monday seeking help in apprehending the suspects.

Police investigations are continuing, and its likely more serious charges will be laid against those arrested.

The group of 24 are in police custody awaiting court appearances next week.

Meanwhile, police have yet to make an arrest or lay charges following the unlawful road block two weeks ago by Satapuala village.

The assistant police commissioner and spokesman, Leaupepe Fatu Pula, says investigations by a special police squad continues.

He also says the probe against the MP, Toesulusulu Cedric Schuster, for his alleged involvement in the decision to block the road, has not yet started.


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