Samoa Air boss says near air collision findings flawed

The chief executive officer of Samoa Air says he does not accept a Civil Aviation report into a near air collision involving one of his planes and a Polynesian Airlines aircraft.

The report found the incident on the 21st of June this year was the result of the Samoa Air aircraft departing Upolu for Savaii without communication and proper authorisation from airport control.

The report issued a stern warning to Samoa Air, and for the airline in future to follow standard operating procedures.

But Samoa Air’s CEO, Chris Langton, says the outcome of the investigation has defamed his airline’s reputation.

“When the result came out it appeared to me to be flawed, it had a number of errors which we identified immediately, so we’ve put it back to the ministry.”

Chris Langton says he cannot comment further on the findings until the Minister of Civil aviation responds to his letter questioning the outcome of the investigation.


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