Malietoa title set for Christmas Day

FORMER HEAD OF STATE: The late Malietoa Tanumafili II. [Samoa Observer]

The Malietoa family is hoping that the goodwill of Christmas will have a positive bearing on their choice of a title holder.

They are also adamant they should not go to court anymore because it would show that all the descendants do not have the “tofa loloto” (vision) to handle this matter,” said the spokesman of Malietoa Talavou’s clan, Papalii Siliva Taouma.

“We don’t want to go through the same mistake again.

"it is a dream for the whole family that one day, the decision on the next Malietoa titleholder will be made in a peaceful way,” he said.

The most recent meeting on the 25th of August drew more than a hundred heirs of Malietoa’s family from the three clans, Malietoa Moli, Malietoa Gatuitasina and Malietoa Talavou.

Despite the numbers, no agreement was reached on who should hold the title.

What was decided by the majority of family members was that they would meet again in December.


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