Civil Aviation blasts Airline

NO COMMUNICATION: The pilot of Samoa Air's aircraft [Samoa Observer]

Civil Aviation has issued a “stern warning” to Samoa Air to follow “standard operating procedures” following the near-collision of its sole aircraft with a Polynesian Airlines plane above Vaimoso.

The warning comes at the end of an investigation by the Ministry of Works Transport and Infrastructure (MWTI), which found that the “root cause of this incident was solely due to the deviation of SAM IOI (Samoa Air) from standard and approved procedures …”

The Ministry of Works found that the incident on 21 June 2012 was the result of the Samoa Air aircraft departing Fagali’i for Maota “without communication and proper authorization from the Tower.”

“Due to the seriousness and lack of professionalism from the crew of Samoa Air, the Ministry is issuing a stern warning to the pilot in command and all crew members to follow Standard operating procedures as stipulated in Samoa Aeronautical Publications and Annex 14 standards,” a statement issued by the Ministry of Works said.

Both Airlines were not immediately available for a comment yesterday.

But during a previous interview, CEO of Polynesian Airlines, Taua Fatu Tielu said the “near collision” was the result of miscommunication.

Taua said a report filed by the Polynesian Airline pilot who flew their aircraft that day indicated that Samoa Air did not advise them about the path of its flight.

This resulted in the two planes being on the same flight path.


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