Sixty candidates will vie for seats in local House race

Veteran lawmaker Agaoleatu Charlie Tautolo is retiring

Some sixty candidates including several women are vying in this year’s general election for the 20 elected seats of the American Samoa Samoa House of Representatives.

And according to the list of candidates released just after 1a.m. Sunday, only one incumbent, Faimealelei Anthony Allen from District Number Eleven - Aua - is running unopposed.

Faimealelei is serving his first two-year term in office.

Another issue of interest is that veteran lawmaker Agaoleatu Charlie Tautolo is retiring from public office at the end of his current term and there are five candidates hoping to claim his seat. Among the candidates is a current sitting senator, Fuata Dr. T. Iatala, whose term as senator ends this year.

House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale, also a veteran lawmaker, is being challenged by only one opponent.

There are about eleven female candidates in the race and among them are former lawmaker Fiasili Haleck, veteran educator Dr. Trudie Iuli Sala and well known business woman, Florence Saulo.

The highest number of candidates is for the Tualauta county, which has two seats in the House. There are a total of eight candidates including the two incumbents.

Samoa News will provide more details in Tuesday’s edition including an interview with Tautolo, who is also a local businessman and the owner of the McDonald’s fast food franchises in American Samoa and neighboring Samoa.


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