Hawkeye: Just Ordinary Homo-sapiens

“The time for extracting a lesson from history is ever at hand for those who are wise.”

“It is often interesting, in retrospect, to consider the trifling causes that lead to great events.”

Good morning to all friends and fans of Hawkeye on this 1st day of September AD. Here’s hoping we are already there as the world is fast catching up to us in our quest to become a bunch of “Do Gooders!” Judging by some of the happenings there on the Mainland United States, we are all quite lucky to be enjoying a life in Paradise..

It is fast becoming a “Dog-Eat-Dog” world fans.

People are forever out to kill and or maim other people for what seems to be no reason at all.

Little third world countries have this idea that they can screw over the rest of the world and get away with it. Our illustrious Presetene has rattled his Saber at Assad of Syria and told him that he had better stop that s*#t or we is a commin to make it right! Russia and China have said that if we go in there to make it right, they will step in and show us what right looks like. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to get engaged in another conflict. Iran thanks us for dumping billions in to their neighbor, Iraq, complete with the Iranian President that we helped get elected to lead the Iraqis’ right in to the arms of “Howmanyajad.” Iran will do what it  feels like doing as Russia has so much invested in that country in Arms, and Nuclear Technology that they would lose a bundle should the US and or Israel do a number on the Iranian Nuclear facilities. This is unfortunately the way it is folks, like it or not.. 

Hawkeye certainly hopes that we do not have to test the waters with the Iran Nukie Thingy, but having watched some of the RNC in Tampa, Hawk further hopes that nothing happens until at least January of 2012. This will not happen as the world agonna end on December 21st!

Hawkeye would certainly be more comfortable with the Fox News Channel, so he can watch both sides of the Convention Coins, but Hawk also reckons that this is gwinna happen when the Fairies become “Tree Swingers!”

So much for Hurricane Isaac. It seemed as though some of the media actually wanted to see it swallow up New Orleans again! Anderson Cooper was wading in water that was all of 3 In. deep, and saying “Lookey Heah,” The Floodins already a-startin! Then he went to one of the new flood gates in his home town of New Orleans and said “Lookey Heah” again: the floodins already a-commencing… Look at them few droplets of watah a-cummin out from undah dat dare Gate! Humm.. Da Corpses ob enginears did a bad job ob building that their 4 Billion Dollah Flood Gate!

All kidding aside, these Media folks who go out of their way to bring us details of natural disasters are to be highly commended.

To those poor folks there on the Gulf Coast, Hawkeye feels for you in the wake of Hurricane Isaac.

The Wacko Shows are having a ball with the RNC. John Stewart, Steven Colbert, Jay Leno, Davis Lerrerman, and you get the drift. Taking the RNC out of context is one way to get even with the Republican Party for creeping ahead in the Opinion Polls. Next week, the Republicans will have a go at the DNC which should to be equally as good as this week’s political charades.

Speaking of politics, Hawkeye is receiving lots of e-mail pertaining to the local political shenanigans. Hawkeye has said it before many times; Hawkeye will keep his opinions to himself pertaining to local politics. May the best team win, or lose. Let the chips fall in the direction of prosperity. Enuff of the Hopey Changy s#%t! That line ain’t working no mo!

There is one thing for sure; while the Republican National Convention is going on, and Hurricane Isaac is ravishing the Gulf Coast, we are leaving those poor unfortunate farmers alone who are suffering the Nation’s worst hit drought regions. This is one that will be talked about in the Underwater basket weaving circles, the evangelical missions, national nose picking classes, and last but not least, in Homes for Un-wed Mothers through-out the nation as a whole. We will definitely be short of corn as most of the corn crop went south for the winter.

More offshore drilling, coal mining, natural gas production, and less dependency on Bio Fuels is becoming more and more attractive by the day.

While the present administration wishes to tap in to the nation’s oil reserves, we should be going after the vast hordes in North Dakota!

It does not take rocket science to figure out that by tapping into our national petroleum reserves, we leave ourselves even more vulnerable to attack by hostile nations such as Grenada. We cannot fuel our chariots on bio fuel. Just ask “Bio Willie!” [Willie Nelson]

Let’s hope “Clingy Eastwoodie” makes it to the RNC in Tampon Bay Fla.

Love and good tidings to all until next week:

Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.


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