CONTESTANTS: Janine Nicky Tuivaiti, Miriama Siolo Aloese, Helena Darlene Ainu'u, Talosaga Tautai, Le'emo Aoina Tupu and Rezettakahealani Eric Mulitalo. [Photo / Ron Kubik]

The countdown to the selection of the new Miss Samoa has begun.

A major highlight of the Teuila Festival, the Miss Samoa Pageant will be judged on the Thursday 6th September at the National University of Samoa fale.

Yesterday, contestants were briefed at the Orator Hotel in Tanumapua by Samoa Tourism Authority CEO, Matatamali’i Sonja Hunter.

In her speech, she welcomed the young women, their chaperones and guests and spoke of the great opportunity they are facing. “After going through this, you can go through anything in life,” said Matatamali’i. “You will have the confidence to represent Samoa on any national or regional stage. It’s all a part of growing up and is a promotional scope of self-development as well.” The order of appearance of the six contestants at the pageant was randomly chosen as were the pre-pageant interview topics.


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