Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Science vs. Myth

Marine debris accumulation locations in the North Pacific Ocean. (NOAA Marine Debris Program)

The following article is from NOAA’s Office of Response and Restoration:

While everything may be bigger inTexas, some reports about the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” would lead you to believe that this marine mass of plastic is bigger than Texas—maybe twice as big as the Lone Star State, or even twice as big as the continental U.S.

For NOAA, a national science agency, separating science from science fiction about the Pacific garbage patch (and other “garbage patches”) is important when answering people’s questions about what it is and how we should deal with the problem.

(For the record, no scientifically sound estimates exist for the size or mass of these garbage patches.)

The NOAA Marine Debris Program’s Carey Morishige takes down two myths floating around with the rest of the debris about the garbage patches in a recent post on the Marine Debris Blog:


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