Hawkeye: It ain’t no big thing

“Every Age can be enchanting, provided you live within it.”

A happy and proud Saturday to all good friends of Hawkeye. It is nice to be alive!

Hawkeye made it through the week, riding around in the Hawkmobile with his “Sweet Leanor.” Not too much seems to have changed on the surface of Hooterville since last week, however there are a few more additions to the Wonderland society these days.

Hawkeye cannot wait to visit the “Late Tauese P.F. Sunia” Ocean Center” there just below the Kovanas Mansion on the hill.  Hawkeye watched the opening ceremonies on his “Made in China” 42 In. Plat Screen TB. One thing that stuck out in the photos of the opening and ribbon cutting ceremonies was the dilapidated condition of the Rain Maker Hotel Roof in the immediate background. Hawkeye mentioned this to Leanor and she said that she thinks this is a good thing.

This shows that you can take one piece of dilapidated s##t and turn it in to something wonderful and meaningful while it is surrounded by more unsightedly surroundings. The tourist seemed to be enjoying their tours of the New Ocean Center when the Ocean Liner visited Hooterville on Monday last. They will have fun telling all of their friends back home about the once beautiful Rainmaker Hotel! Here was an icon that was once dubbed “The Pearl of the South Pacific!” But look at the old girl now: Hawkeye is just happy that the Walls of the Rainmaker Hotel do not have functional Eyes & Ears, and cannot talk. Should this be the case in the early days about 27 years ago, those same walls could have really ratted out Hawkeye! The aforementioned, having been a figure of speech leads Hawkeye to another subject: The Rats of the Rainmaker Hotel! Hawkeye loved the old hotel and it seemed as though it were speaking to Hawkeye. Perhaps it was the Ghost of Sadie Thompson cutting through the fog, but nevertheless, Hawkeye loved that old Hotel. Hawk met the nicest Homo-sapiens alive in the “Sadie Thompson Lounge” during Happy Hour. He also met some genuine A#s H*%es!

Staying at the Rainmaker Hotel was often a challenge, and definitely not for the weak at heart. The second time around would teach one to bring their own Towels, and toiletries. Taken in the proper vein, it was a real thrill to stay at the Rainmaker. While there were Rats that wore Saddles, and Muga Muga (Cockroaches) that one could hear marching late at night, (especially if one had just visited the Sadie Thompson Lounge!) The Hotel Rainmaker was a grand old place, and a real palace for adventuresome characters straight out of a Somerset Maugham Novel! At that time, the Pool was open, as well as the Hotel “Snack Bar.” Hawkeye has nursed off many a Hangover in the Hotel Snack Bar at the Rainmaker. Hawk was ever fond of the breakfast menu at the Snack Bar as well..Humm

It was great to rent a “FALE” at the Rainmaker for a weekend of nonstop “Fun & Games!” Those were truly the days until some Homos managed the Old Hotel right in to the ground, while leaving its doors wide open on their exits! Hawkeye for one “LOVED THE RAINMAKER HOTEL!”

Someone should turn the Rainmaker in to a Gaming Casino to enhance Tourism. This is likely to happen when Turtles are supercharged! Hell, we can’t even allow Scratch Bingo that is sponsored by the Olympic Committee to proceed without harassment from the government! This is a good thing folks. There are some lucky folks who wouldn’t have otherwise had their moment of heaven by winning a Thousand Bucks!

This way they won’t have to tap Grandma’s Social Security Check to play Friday Night Church Bingo! Let’s move forward in to the 21st century with Dignity and honor and leave the little guy alone to do his own thing. If a Homo-sapien wishes to purchase Scratch Bingo Tickets on the off chance that they just might win a Buck, so be it. That is what living in a free society is all about. Otherwise it could be dubbed as being “Dictorial.” If a given sum of Tupe, (Money) is unexpectedly dumped into the family coffer just in time for school to start, will it come in handy for that family? Yes. Let it be..Over.

Aside from that we are on Mars, and the curiosity seems to be doing its thingy out there on the “RED” Planet. The Curiosity was doing “Doughnuts” & “Wheelies” out there in the Martian Dust, which seems rather plentiful. Perhaps with a bit of Luck, we will stumble across “Jesus.” He could be on the Planet Mars, as it is a well known fact that he is everywhere. Hawkeye’s only hope is that we will not stumble across any UFO’S in our quest to locate a Marijuana Patch!

The Curiosity could serve as a means to ready a landing place for our Chariots come December 21st! 

Until Next week, don’t be afraid to show your love for your spouses!

Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor

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