Former assistant AG appointed as HUD counsel


Former assistant attorney general Jeremy Kirkland was early this year appointed as the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) counsel to the Inspector General.
Kirkland is responsible for the oversight of the Office of Legal Counsel’s functions, which include providing independent legal advice, counseling, and opinions concerning HUD, according to the agency’s website, which also says that Kirkland served as an assistant attorney general in American Samoa, where he was the chief white collar crime prosecutor.
He was also with the Criminal Division of the U.S. Justice Department and counsel to the Major Fraud Investigative Division within the U.S. Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General, where in 2013 he received the USPS-OIG Excellence Award.
The Samoa News archive shows that Kirkland was first hired in the summer of 2003 under a two-year contract with the AG’s Office and was later extended. During his tenure, he was the main prosecutor in a 2004 major drug case following a police raid of a home in Iliili.
Kirkland graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1995 with a degree in business administration, then pursued his law degree for another three years at the University of Mississippi Law School, where he graduated in 1998. He learned of the job opening in American Samoa in a notice at the University of Mississippi Law School.


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