With help from Oceania, ASNOC has big plans for new infrastructure


Building a multi-purpose gymnasium to support local sports associations under the umbrella of the American Samoa National Olympic Committee is part of the initial plan by ASNOC for use of the government land it is leasing in Tafuna.
The ASNOC lease initially called for less than ten years (or nine-years and 11 months) and was set to expire in 2012 with an option to extend for 40 years. That option is being sought by ASNOC and the lease is now before the Fono for review and endorsement. The Senate committee held a hearing Wednesday on the lease, and was given the green light.
Asked about infrastructure development planned for the leased property, ASNOC president J. Victor Langkilde told Samoa News the “initial plan for development is to build [ASNOC] headquarters, a multi-purpose gymnasium, and a swimming pool.”
He explained there is funding through a project by the International Olympic Committee and the Oceania National Olympic Committee (ONOC) where regional NOCs were “given money to buy or lease land and build operational & sporting facilities” and “this project is referred to as the Olympoceania Project.”
“ASNOC was allocated $165,000,” Langkilde said after the Senate committee hearing. “ASNOC can also make requests for additional assistance for development of the property, with facilities. The ASG land lease is important in securing this funding with the deadline this year.”
“The development of this property — especially with the sporting facilities — will surely help sports associations who currently have to pay to use the high school and ASCC gymnasiums,” he said. “This property will also be in line with hosting regional events and competitions in the near future.”
He said ASNOC thanks Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga “for his strong support in accelerating the work in partnership with ASG to develop and improve sports in American Samoa.”
Additionally, ASNOC also thanks the leaders in the Legislature, including those in the Senate who “were very supportive during the long term land lease hearing,” he said.
The leased property, which is a little over three acres, is directly behind the Tony Solaita Baseball Field in Tafuna.
Currently the ASNOC office is located at the Government Housing complex in Tafuna and NOC is among those non-profit groups that have been informed by the Department of Administrative Services to vacate the premises by June this year.
Samoa News understands the governor’s office has been in contact with the Sports Complex Office to make office space available at the Veterans Memorial Stadium, where they can temporarily house ASNOC headquarters.
Sports Complex executive director Toleafoa Henry Tavake said yesterday that he is working on getting office space for ASNOC, but nothing is finalized yet. He also says several local sports associations have offices at the stadium complex and they are working on a new building, constructed behind the grandstand to provide more space.


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