Cool Stuff Quick Hits: Yoda to the rescue!

[photo: Barry Markowitz]

Terrence "Yoda" Yorga has been my elusive legendary cell phone repair master for over 10 years. I had heard whispers of Yoda's 25 years of surgical mastery repairing cell phones, instead of tossing them, somewhere near the funky Fort St Mall area of Downtown Honolulu. A phone call here and there to track him down was to no avail.
Like the Manoa Mist, Yoda came to me unexpectedly, at the corner of Atkinson & Kapiolani 1695 Kapiolani Blvd (808) 226-2929, across from the Hawai’i Convention Center. My classic iPhone 4g & 3g were in good nick but needed new batteries, and the 4g needed a new back.
Wow... 40 minutes at the adjacent Atkinson Grill for lunch and Yoda made my iPhone 4g like new, ready for Blue Sky SIM and Flag Day action.
The 3g will be part of your Manu Samoa  and Talavalu coverage from Tokyo and Hong Kong. So if your Hawai’i or US Mainland relatives give you their old iPhone, definitely take it to Yoda for a quick rejuvenation... battery, screen, whatevahs.
And if its an AT&T phone, you can go online and have them onlock it for free... so it really is ready for Blue Sky. Yoda is a natural Coolio... showed him some stuff that even you haven't seen yet. Bring him some Koko Samoa, and a lava lava... and he may soon become your next new bestest Coolio friend.
Go Talavalu, go Manu Samoa — and get well, Hon. Governor.


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