ASTCA board votes to rescind termination of CEO

Must meet certain conditions to continue to work

The ASTCA board has rescinded their decision to terminate American Samoa TeleCommunications Authority CEO Moefauo Bill Emmsley, but he must meet certain conditions which will allow him to continue working until his contract renewal in April.
According to ASTCA Board member Don Fuimaono, the CEO’s contract is up for renewal on April 15, 2014.
The board’s decision to terminate the CEO occurred in a special meeting which was held in the governor’s conference room. However, Samoa News was told by the Chairman of the ASTCA board, Roy JD Hall Jr., last week that this special meeting had no proper notice and therefore was not an official meeting.
He stated that any special meeting for board action under ASTCA By-Laws requires that a 4-day advance written notice be provided to every board member for a special meeting, and an agenda must be prepared and attached to the notice.
Hall noted, “There was no notice for the special board meeting held on Friday, Feb. 14, but a meeting was held by the board to discuss recommendations made by the governor concerning extending the CEO’s contract, and to work harmoniously together to establish policies to further the interests of ASTCA for the people of American Samoa.”
Board member Fuimaono told Samoa News yesterday, the first move he made during the most recent board meeting — held on Wednesday, Feb. 26 — was a motion to “legalize the special meeting held previously at the governor’s office.” Fuimaono stated he had to make this motion as the Board Chairman had stated the “special meeting” was not legal.
He explained to Samoa News that his motion carried, and a majority of the board voted to legalize the special meeting. Fuimaono then made another motion to rescind the move to terminate the CEO, however it came with certain conditions. “I cannot disclose the  conditions,” he said.
But the board member added, “I, along with other board members, wanted to clarify to the ASTCA board that the Chairman does not run the board, rather it is run by a majority.” Fuimaono said the four that voted to terminate the CEO all had their reasons for their vote to terminate the CEO.
Another board member, who did not wish to be named, said that he was not happy that decisions were solely being made by the CEO and Chairman without the board’s approval.
He pointed to the recent event where the Laughing Samoans were brought in with ASTCA money, “yet the board was not made aware” of it.
“The explanation to us was that this was a marketing move, and yes, it falls in the marketing area — but with whose money? ASTCA’s money.”


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