New edition of Biz Directory available

[photo: FS]

The 2014 edition of the ‘Samoa Islands Business Directory’— covering American Samoa and Samoa — was released yesterday in Pago Pago. This is the Eighth Edition of the directory published by Apia-based Talamua Media & Publications, whose Publisher is Angela Kronfeld-Polu (right) and managing director is Apulu Lance Polu (left) were in the territory yesterday.
Apulu said the idea of a business directory came up seven years ago when Samoa was without a phone book, making it difficult for the private sector to do business. It was then they decided to include American Samoa, as a “way to connect the business community” of the two Samoas.
Kronfeld-Polu added, it's also “to make it easy for businesses in the two Samoas to locate others in the private sector” and the directory also provides different business categories.
“We look forward to further growth of the business sector in American Samoa and Samoa and this Directory continues to make its pages available as means to visibly promote and present businesses products and services to a more sophisticated clientele,” she said.
The business directory is also available online: www.samoabizdirectories.com


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