Reports on Lolo’s health vary — from heart procedure to new medication recovery


Responding to varying reports about Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga’s health, the governor’s Executive Assistant Iulogologo Joseph Pereira said the Governor is recovering well and that due to HIPPA requirements, which protect the privacy of an individual’s health information, the Governor's medical condition is discussed only with the First Lady.
Sent via email yesterday afternoon Iu said, “The Governor is recovering well from the new medication that he is receiving.”
Iu said that First Lady Cynthia Moliga is by the governor’s bedside “so all the discussions pertaining to his medical condition are with her alone.”
Iu said he can confirm that the governor is being hospitalized because he complained of “excessive fatigue.” The Executive Assistant further stated, “I saw him today (yesterday) and he is feeling much better,” and told Samoa News, “Based on HIPPA requirements the Governor's medical condition is discussed only with the First Lady.”
According to Radio New Zealand, the medical situation of the Governor is more serious than officials have reported. They said sources in Washington DC have confirmed that Lolo had a heart procedure at George Washington University Hospital. The information was released in a closed-door meeting of the White House Group on Insular Areas yesterday and later confirmed by attendees. Other sources close to the Governor say doctors first wanted to adjust his blood pressure medication but then decided after further examination that he needed a heart procedure. Governor Lolo was still in hospital this morning but is expected to be released later today or tomorrow.
However, according to information provided by the governor's office on Monday, Governor Lolo is recovering well in the Medical Ward since his admission last Friday (Feb. 21, 2014.) There was no mention of a heart procedure.
The governor had flown to Washington DC to attend several meetings.
During a press conference, on Tuesday, Acting Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga said the governor arrived in Washington DC on Feb. 20, 2014 but was hospitalized the next day. “This was due to an unforeseen illness and he was admitted to George Washington Hospital for observation,” said Lemanu. He said, as of yesterday, the Governor was still in the hospital, “doing fine and recovering very well since Friday last week.” He also noted that if needed, Lolo and the First Lady would stay on to go to any necessary medical appointments, while the rest of the group would return as planned this Monday.


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