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The American Youth Football of Samoa (AYFS) league continues onto the last weekend of the regular season, which will be held this upcoming Saturday with the main event of the year — two of the undefeated teams in the league, Falcons and Niners, will finally face off for the first time this year, to determine the team who will rank undefeated this year, heading into the play-offs.
As of AYFS Week No.7 this past Saturday, the reigning champions 49ers still remain undefeated after sending the Steelers home with a huge deficit loss of 42 - 6 in a very dominating match up. The 49ers are looking stronger and better every single game they play, and they are looking to defend their title for a second glory-in-a-row.
The Bears were the better team this weekend as they managed to regroup and come back to win another victory after losing two straight games in a row. They beat the Chargers 20 - 0. The Chargers are still looking for their first victory in this year’s football season.
The last game of the day was decided between the Cowboys and the Raiders who were both tied at 3rd place with two losses each. The first half was scoreless with both defensive sides not letting their guards down. But the match was determined in the second half when the Raiders slaughtered the Cowboys 16 - 0.
As of last Saturday, there was a slight change in ranks and standings in this year’s AYFS regular season, as the Raiders changed their status again:
1st - 49ers
2nd- Falcons
3rd- Raiders
4th- Cowboys and Bears
5th- Steelers
6th- Chargers
The AYFS Falcons were bye this week, as they will take on their biggest challenge this upcoming weekend, facing the Niners.

[photo: TG]


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