Young Leone High School student dies at Le’ala cliffs


Leone High School is mourning the death of one of their female students, who died last Saturday at Le’ala. Police are treating this as a homicide until proven otherwise, says Commissioner of Public Safety, William Bill Haleck.
The Commissioner confirmed that an incident occurred in Le’ala, and as a result a 17-year-old girl died. Bystanders told Samoa News that someone in the area contacted the police for assistance over an incident which occurred there, and as soon as the young girl saw the police officers at the scene, it’s alleged she jumped off the cliff and landed on the rocks near the ocean.
Haleck in response to Samoa News queries stated that someone had called the Leone Police Station for assistance and when police arrived the second incident (the girl’s death) happened. The Commissioner did not specify what the girl did which led to her death, but stated they are conducting an investigation to determine if the young girl had slipped, or if it was otherwise an accidental death.
"CID (Criminal Investigation Division) is currently investigating this matter which was referred from the Leone Station, Patrol Division."
The Commissioner noted that incidents occurring left and right in the span of three weeks are quite worrying. Haleck was referring to a recent incident in Afono following a drinking session, where a man was struck on his head and later died — the man was attempting to stop a fight amongst those under the influence.
There was also an incident in Fagatogo, where the deceased was part of an earlier drinking session. He had gotten into a fight, where he got hurt, but he did not go to the hospital.  Instead, he went home and slept. Neighbors found him dead the next day and there were visual injuries to his face and body.


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