Free spay and neuter clinic held in Fagatogo for World Spay Day


Yesterday, February 25 was World Spay Day 2014, and in American Samoa the day was honored with a free Spay and Neuter clinic held at the Pavilion in Fagatogo. The Department of Agriculture Veterinary Clinic in partnership with the local animal protection group, Alofa mo Meaola organized and manned the event, which took care of about 20 spay and neuter surgeries during the morning, with another ten animals seen in the afternoon for health checks.
World Spay Day is an annual campaign of the Humane Society of the United States and Humane Society International that shines a spotlight on spaying and neutering as a way to save the lives of our companion animals, our community cats (feral and stray), and street dogs who might otherwise be put down in a shelter or killed on the street.
Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of this annual event, which has animal advocates around the world performing acts of community service to help alleviate suffering in the cat and dog population, and promote good stewardship of our feline and canine companions.
Alofa mo Meaola and the DoA veterinarian, Dr. Brenda Smith,  have scheduled a series of spay and neuter clinics, with the first few being held at the Fagatogo Pavilion. According to organizers, people must bring their animals in cages or on leashes by 9a.m. and pick up their animals by 2p.m.
Everything is free if the animal is being spayed or neutered; if people want to vaccinate their pet, the cost is $10, and dog license tags are just $5.
If you are considering bringing your dog or cat to a clinic, please remember the following:
*            Animals should not eat the night before, or that morning, but should have lots of water.
*            Female animals should not be nursing their puppies or kittens; if they are still nursing,  then surgery must wait until the babies are weaned.
*            Major surgery cannot be done at these clinics - only spaying and neutering. Fixing  broken bones, etc. is done in the Dept. of Agriculture veterinary clinic in Tafuna. 
Listed below are the next scheduled dates for the free Spay/ Neuter Clinics:
Feb. 27            Fagatogo Pavillion
Mar. 6            Afoa guest house in Utulei
Mar. 11            Leone Village (Salavea Otela guest house, across from the Healing Garden)
Mar. 13            Fogagogo (Maiava House)
Mar. 18 and 20  Organizers are trying to schedule a clinic on these dates for Pago Pago, but need a suitable venue. People can call the Pago pulenu'u, Faepolo at 770-9011 for more info — or to offer their guest house if possible. A covered area with power and running water is needed.
In addition to the village clinics, the group is actively working to reduce the number of roaming animals in Lions Park and the Tafuna Industrial Park. They are visiting those areas to locate and identify stray as well as owned dogs, and asking residents and business owners to call in if they want their dogs spayed or neutered.
If dogs have already been spayed or neutered, the group is offering license tags at $5 each, which will help identify the dogs when the Task Force begins capturing stray dogs in those areas.
To add your dog or cat to the schedule for any village clinic, please call 699-9445.


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