[photo: B.Chen]

This section of the main road in Pago Pago between the Catholic Church and the FIFA soccer field was severely flooded last Friday after heavy rains started pouring around 3:30 p.m.
Several smaller sedans opted to turn around and head back west, while others pulled into the church parking lot to wait out the rain, as the water level continued to rise with no sign of slowing down.
Another section of road in the Bay Area that was completely underwater around the same time was the area in front of the new Development Bank building in Pago Pago. Several cars — and some aiga buses — had died out and had to be pushed so traffic could continue to flow.
The water was so high that some compact cars were half way submerged.
The flooding problem in the aforementioned areas is nothing new. During heavy downpours, these sections of the main road are always flooded and motorists dread having to pass through them to get to and from work and home.
When contacted for comment, an official from the Dept. of Public Works said both areas have drainage systems in place, and the crew from the DPW maintenance unit will be dispatched to clean it out.
With the heavy rainfalls bringing in trash and other debris, the drainage next to the soccer field (which runs in front of Mauga’s guesthouse into the stream) most likely got clogged. “It’s basically just a maintenance issue,” he said.
As for the area in front of the new DBAS building, the same official said they can’t move the utility system (placed there by ASTCA for the fiber optic cable project) in that area and essentially, “this minimizes the channels, meaning the water will back up quickly.”


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