Auditions for Season 2 of Le Leo o Amerika Samoa kick off tomorrow


Tomorrow, Feb. 26, auditions for the popular Le Leo o Amerika Samoa youth singing competition is set to kick off at the KVZK-TV studio in Utulei.
In its second season, Le Leo is presented by the Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs (DYWA) through Bluesky Communications.
DYWA deputy director Tapumanaia Galu Satele Jr. told Samoa News yesterday that they have over 25 singers already registered to compete “and the excitement for the start of Season 2 has already filled the air.”
This year, Bluesky Communications is the exclusive sponsor of the Le Leo o Amerika Samoa 2014 program, as part of their 2014 Youth Empowerment theme to support the territory’s youth development programs.
“We are grateful that Bluesky continues to support and help the community, and especially the youth, with its donations and contributions to help our youth grow and find success in their future,” Tapumanaia said.
The same sentiment was echoed by DYWA Director Jonathan Fanene, who said he is “very supportive” of programs like Le Leo, which promote the talents of our local youth.
Tapumanaia explained that the format for Le Leo selections and eliminations this year have changed slightly compared to last year, “to alleviate the issues of last year’s Le Leo competition and the text voting complaints.”
The winners will not be solely selected based on text voting (as was the format last year), but instead, “they will be chosen by a panel of judges casting their votes as well, so that we are assured that there are no reservations to the winners selection being a popular vote,” Tapumanaia said.
“The primary goal of the Le Leo o Amerika Samoa competition is to showcase the best of the best youth singing talents, and to provide an experience of stage presence and performance,” he added. “Learning from the coaches and from each other will help them grow in experience, knowledge and talent.”
Furthermore, “It is also an opportunity for the community to enjoy these very talented young people and support their efforts through audience and community participation.”
Following tomorrow’s auditions, 16 singers will be selected to go into the blind auditions set to begin March 12. This year’s top singers will be competing for a grand prize of $2000
The second place winner will receive $1500, third place will get $1000 and fourth place will go home with $500.
The remaining singers will receive consolation prizes donated by Bluesky and other local businesses.
“Each contestant will get a chance to showcase their talent and work in a team to support their efforts to win the competition,” Tapumanaia explained.
DYWA thanks the Governor, Lt. Governor and the Lolo Administration “for their vision to empower the youth to become successful, and we appreciate and extend our gratitude to Bluesky Communications and all our sponsors for their support and contributions as we look forward to a very successful program,” Tapumanaia concluded.
More information on Le Leo o Amerika Samoa can be obtained by calling the DYWA office at 633-2835/2836


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