Rosie Tago Lancaster announces for delegate race

Rosie Fuala’au Tago Lancaster announces her candidacy for 2014 Congressional delegate, today. [photo: LF]

Today, Rosie Fuala’au Tago Lancaster announces her candidacy to become the next Congressional delegate from American Samoa. She previously appeared on the 2008 and 2012 ballots.
Lancaster, who has served at the American Samoa Community College for the past seventeen years as Registrar, Faculty member, and Veterans Affairs/Student Employment Coordinator, and is herself, a retired military veteran with twenty-three years of active duty service in the US Army. Lancaster strongly believes that the territory’s Congressional delegate must possess a vision for the future.
“We need leaders with vision,” said Lancaster, “and I would like to offer my vision to the people of American Samoa.” “First, my vision starts with the belief that while we must honor the past, we must also build for the future. As we journey into that future, it is clear that our greatest asset is our people, and we must take better care of our people, especially our children, to ensure that we reach our full potential. I envision all children in American Samoa receiving a high quality education.
I envision everyone in American Samoa that wants a job being able to get a job, one that pays them a fair wage and enables them to maintain a decent standard of living.
l envision a healthy people who have access to affordable, quality medical care.
I envision our veterans receiving the full benefits that they earned through their service to, and sacrifice for our country. 
I envision that immigrants who come to our shores to work are treated with respect and dignity, as it is their hard work that allows our economy to prosper.
Lancaster believes that despite its geographical isolation, American Samoa has great potential, and that the key to the future of the territory is to develop that potential to the greatest extent possible.
Lancaster’s campaign platform addresses five key issues, all of which are interconnected:
1.            Healthcare – build a new hospital, establish district and village clinics, fight Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs).
2. Education – hold ASDOE fully accountable for meeting the educational needs of the territory and its students.
3. Economy – continue to develop traditional economic sectors (e.g., fisheries, tuna canneries, agriculture, and tourism) and at the same time, explore, search for new development possibilities; develop the local workforce to better meet modern needs; address issues such as minimum wage, tax system, etc., that will lead to greater economic growth.
4. Immigration – improve the immigration system of American Samoa to ensure that the immigration system is administered fairly and impartially.
5. Veterans – improve healthcare services that veterans receive, add or build a VA wing to the new hospital.
“While we need to honor our past and maintain our cultural heritage,” says Lancaster, “at the same time we need to move forward. And in order to move forward we need to address local issues and problems with an eye towards the future. We need a fresh approach to solving our problems, an approach that is proactive and embraces change, rather than a reactionary one that merely attempts to keep the current status quo in place.”
Lancaster believes that while American Samoa can and must address these issues on its own, the territory can also benefit greatly from federal assistance in these areas. “I not only understand the issues and what is at stake for our own future and that of our children,” says Lancaster, “drawing from my professional background, I can also get the federal help that will allow us to solve our own problems without outside interference.”
“And that is why I am running for Congress.”Lancaster’s campaign slogan is: “For a rosier future, vote for Rosie F. Tago Lancaster for U.S. Congress in 2014”.
Lancaster can be contacted at 684-258-0909. She invites anyone who is interested in talking with her about the issues and/or helping her campaign to call her at that number and/or stop by her campaign headquarters, which are located in Asofitu, Nu’uuli.
Source: campaign media release


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