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Seven faipule have co-sponsored a resolution calling on the Governor to direct the Directors of Public Works and Commerce to prepare and immediately implement plans for the construction of a boardwalk in the Pago Pago Bay Area, along with supporting structures for the continued development of business and economic growth in the Territory.
According to the resolution, the government has discussed and begun plans for the construction of the first boardwalk in the South Pacific region.
The idea is to attract tourists who would enjoy the scenic view of the bay while utilizing the facilities that would line the structure. The plans include the construction of a protective seawall that the boardwalk would run atop, or be placed in areas along the Pago Pago harbor.
The seawall would span the shoreline behind the Fono Buildings and extend to the buildings behind the Fagatogo Marketplace. It would then extend from the Malaloa Marina to Pago Park and end at the Satala Cemetery.
The proposed projects also include the construction of facilities and structures to accommodate shops and restaurants catering to tourists and visitors of the boardwalk and bay area. Those wanting to enjoy the boardwalk would include visitors, especially those who arrive on the cruise ships, as well as visitors from the global yachting community.
To accommodate the yachting visitors, the resolution notes a proper marina must be built in the area from the Malaloa wharf and extended to the Pago Pago village and it must be equipped with proper moorings. Support services needed for the visitors would create jobs and establish new types of businesses which would provide additional support to the growing tourism industry.
The recreational boating and maritime industry contributes billions of dollars into the economies of many countries, according to the resolution, and included in the capital infrastructure upgrades in this project would be the construction of a new wharf that would provide additional mooring for the longline fishing fleet and this would help alleviate shortage of docking and mooring space. 
The resolution further calls upon the Lolo and Lemanu Administration to utilize and expand the FEMA mitigation funds from the September 29th, 2009 tsunami and funds from the Community Development Block Grant monies for Fiscal year 2015 and 2016. It also advises seeking funds allocated for capital improvements projects from the Department of Interior.
House Rep Toeina Autele was overjoyed when Walter Nevile Fa’apouli a seventh grader from Olosega Manu’a was named the Samoa News Territorial Spelling Bee Champion for this year’s Bee and stated that this is a monumental win for the Manu’a Islands.
The faipule from Ofu and Olosega appealed to the Speaker of the House Savali Talavou Ale for an iPad which the House has, as a gift for this young man on behalf of the Fono for his outstanding achievement.
(Samoa News understands there were iPads purchased for Representatives, however to date they have not been handed out.)
This was Fa’apouli’s fourth year competing in the Bee and for the first two years he was in the top ten. Last year he was the second finalist and this year he was the last man standing. He was accompanied by his Grandmother and Coach Siaganu’u Nevile and grandfather Leau Keresome Nevile of Olosega, Manu’a.  
Senate President Gaoteote Tofau Palaie did not mince words when pointing out the Fono will go into recess if Directors who are to testify in pending measures are unable to appear before hearings because they are traveling off island. Gaoteote said this move would save session days for this regular session.
This call came after Senate Budget Committee Chairman, Laolagi Savali Vaeao informed Senators Friday that the scheduled hearing slated for Monday morning has been canceled as the Treasurer, Dr. Falema’o Phil Pili, is off island.
Gaoteote said there is no use for the Administration to submit measures when the appropriate people are not on island to come before the lawmakers regarding what has been submitted for approval.
Faipule have raised concerns over the new fees implemented at the Golf Course, and this was announced during the regular session on Thursday. 
Rep Atualevao Gafatasi Afavala said his constituents are complaining that the fees change on a daily basis and there are reports that only certain people are asked to pay the fee prior to playing, while for others the fees are waived, namely government officials.
The concern was seconded by Rep Fatulegae’e Mauga who said he’s receiving the same complaints from the public and something must be done to address this issue.
Afalava called a hearing for next week Tuesday, where the Sports Complex Director Henry Tavake and Chief of Staff Fiu Johnny Saelua are to testify on the newly implemented fees.


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