Expect a rainy weekend in AmSam

[photo: B. Chen]

The downtown area was dark and gloomy yesterday afternoon as heavy rainfall came pouring down, resulting in people taking cover and large puddles forming on the main road and surrounding areas.
At the main port in Fagatogo, where one can usually stand at the main entrance and see across the bay to the canneries, nothing was visible beyond the containers as dark clouds loomed and heavy rains continued to pour.
The weather station says unstable weather conditions resulting from a trough located directly over Tutuila will be bringing more rain, and the wet conditions are expected to continue until next week.
This past Thursday, a total of 1.76 inches was recorded.
The norm for the month of February is 12.66 and as of yesterday afternoon, a total of 7.37 inches of rainfall had already been recorded for this month, with 7 days remaining.
With heavy rainfall anticipated for the next few days, local residents are urged to look out for flooding in low lying areas. No advisories had been issued as of noon yesterday, as there were no heavy winds — yet.
It is the territory’s hurricane season, which extends from now until April. In an initial interview with local meteorologist Elinor Lutu-McMoore, she said the outlook for this hurricane season shows that at least one system can affect American Samoa.
“No matter what the seasonal forecast is, we advise the general public to always be prepared,” she said.


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