CEO converts two LBJ directors to career service

After only 4 months into contract

A move by the hospital CEO Joseph Davis Fleming to convert the employment status for LBJ Human Resources Director, Komiti Emmsley and HR Assistant Director Dr. Akense Nikolao Mutini from contract employees to career service employees does not sit well with Hospital Board Member Faimealelei Anthony Allen and other employees of the Hospital, who know about the move.
Samoa News received calls from hospital employees who were unhappy and felt insulted by the move of the hospital CEO to convert Mrs. Emmsley and Dr. Mutini because they are basically “new hires” who have yet to complete the probationary terms of their contract.
Faimealelei, who responded to Samoa News inquires, assured that this move has been reversed as Fleming has no authority to make such drastic decisions when there is a contract that should be honored.
“Every contract employee has a probationary term and until that term is completed, then the determination can be made allowing the conversion, but in this case that’s not what happened.
“The CEO bypassed rules in place for contractual employees and converted the HR Manager and Mutini without due process and following procedurals,” said the outspoken Board Member.
He further stated this matter was brought up during a hospital board meeting on Wednesday, where the CEO was informed this move was inappropriate and he does not have the authority to circumvent the system which is in place for a reason.
Faimealelei told Samoa News that the converting of contract employment to career service came with perks and an increase of salary of up to $10,000 for Mrs. Emmsley, who is the wife of the ASTCA CEO.
“This is the problem, which Governor Lolo Moliga was not happy about, the high salaries of those working for the hospital and yet the status of the Off Island Referral program is still unclear due to funding issues, and other mandates by the governor have yet to be fulfilled, especially the reduction of the current $20 fee to $10 to see a physician and to establish a one fee structure for all residents of American Samoa regardless of immigration status are implemented.
“These are issues that the hospital should be on tract with — yet, we are facing more issues about the high salaries and non-compliance with HR policies,” he said.
Faimealelei further noted there was a complaint about the salary of the former HR Manager who had retired, yet in turn the hospital hired three people with high salaries to work in the HR replacing one person and this does not paint a good picture of what’s going on at the hospital.
Samoa News understands the CEO move has not been reversed to date, and the conversions still stand.
Emails sent to the Chairman of the Hospital Board, Mase Akapo, Vice Chairman Victor Tofaeono and LBJ CEO Joseph Davis Fleming were not returned immediately.


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