Status of ASG projects in Manu’a successful, says Lt. Gov


During a cabinet meeting last week Thursday, Directors heard firsthand from Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga (who’s currently Acting Governor) that many capital infrastructure projects are completed in Fitiuta, Ta’u and Faleasao.
He gave examples, such as the new gas station and the Executive office Building, but did not specify other projects. He also stated that more work needs to be done with the Ta’u wharf for the benefit of the Manu’a residents, but did not elaborate. The gas station at the wharf — which is the first gas station in Manu’a — was dedicated July 2013.
He also commended the Treasurer for having Treasury employees travel to Manu’a to cash ASG checks on ASG paydays, because there is no bank or ATM in Manu’a at this time.
Lemanu stated they are currently working on the EOB in Ofu and Olosega, along with other projects, like a gas station, the airport, the fire station and the sea walls with the hope they will be completed in time for the Manu’a Cession day in July. He told the cabinet members there is much help needed in certain areas with each department, and each Director should know what is needed by their Manu’a employees.
He pointed out that Port Director Taimalelagi Claire Tuia Poumele and Public Works Director Faleosina Voigt are working on getting two boats for the Manu’a people. He then announced that by the end of June a boat, which will travel between the Manu’a islands, will arrive and by next year a new boat will be forthcoming, which will sail between Manu’a and Tutuila.


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