Kiosk center for tax filing closed temporarily


Acting Treasurer Ueli Tonumaipe’a says that due to the decreased influx of tax filers their kiosk center located at the center of the Executive Building first floor, will be closed today (Friday) February 21, 2014 at 3p.m., however the work will be continued inside the tax office during government working hours.
According to a statement issued by the Acting Treasurer, prior to the last filling tax day of April 16, 2014 Tax Manager Jimmerson and his staff will re-open the kiosk service center in the EOB Atrium from April 7- April 15, 2014 for the late filers and for any required extension requests.
For the Manu’a residents, the tax filing team has coordinated logistics with the Governor’s Representative and Liaison Mr. Nofo Sualevai, and they have a scheduled visit to Manu’a residents in the designated EOB offices on both Ta’u and Ofu Islands. The tax division will be assisting the Manu’a residents in the EOB offices on both Ta’u and Ofu.
Details of the visit and what is required of each tax filer will be released soon so all residents may prepare for the team that will be arriving to assist the people.


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