Dear Editor,
I am here to express my sincerest and utmost form of gratitude to our workers in the government and community.
To the Department of Public Works: Thank you for keeping our roadsides and island looking beautiful and clean, despite the scorching sun and heat.
To the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) unit: Thank you for your quick responses to the needs of the individuals within the community, despite being disregarded by some drivers when trying to rush through traffic.
To the Department of Public Safety: Thank you for protecting our safety and security, despite being disrespected and hated by the same individuals you serve to protect.
To the Department of Education: Thank you for the positive impact and influence you make on our children, despite never being shown any true appreciation.
To all our agencies that work at the forefront with members of our community— thank you for your patience and for your commitment to our brothers and sisters, especially the impatient, difficult and rather loud ones.
And to all the employees, who continue to put forth their best efforts and are continuously committed to helping our government and communities, despite not being paid what you are due and having the long hours and commitment you have worked brushed aside and questioned, thank you.
Thank you to ALL our ASG employees for your hard work and dedication to bettering both our government and communities, and for continuously carrying out the work that you do. Our government is not perfect and is going through its many ups and downs, yet you continue to strive for the best. Thank you. God bless you all and God bless American Samoa.
Happy Belated Valentine's Day!
Genesis A. Tau


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