McD’s gifts Pava'ia'i women’s cricket team

[photo: McDonald’s American Samoa]

The proud women’s cricket team, the "Teine Samoa Moni" of the village of Pava'ia'i, posing for the camera with their new uniforms donated by McDonald's American Samoa.

Representing McDonald's in the picture below are: kneeling 2nd from the right Carol Tautolo-Samuelu, Asst. Operations Consultant, next to her Damon Gregg, Operation Consultant for the two Samoas and standing on the far right is Teofilo Magalo, Fagatogo Restaurant Manager.

The women’s cricket league for this year’s Flag Day Tournament has 11 teams and the competition began this past Monday, on President’s Day. A game is scheduled every day until April 4th — when a champion will be declared from the rules of a ‘round-robin tournament’. Saturdays have 3 games scheduled — and all games will be played at Faga’alu Park.

It’s open to the public and those wanting a Saturday-out-at-the-ballpark experience, Samoan style — should attend the games. Swimming is also possible to the right of the cricket field, sami-side, so it can be a totally enjoyable all-day affair.

[photo: McDonald’s American Samoa]


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