ASHSAA Boys JV Basketball Update: Faga’itua Vikings undefeated streak continues

The Faga’itua Vikings (with ball) remain undefeated in ASHSAA Boys Junior Varsity Basketball. They defeated the Samoana Sharks last Saturday in the last Junior Varsity game of the day by a score of 29-27. Read the latest updates and standings of the Junior Varsity division in tomorrow’s Samoa News Sports section. [photo: Jeff Hayner]

In the latest news of the American Samoa Athletic Association (ASHSAA) Boys Junior Varsity Basketball season, the Faga’itua Vikings undefeated streak continues with their latest win last Saturday over the Samoana Sharks by a score of 29-27.
Other Junior Varsity games played last Saturday had the Vikings winning in a forfeit over the Wildcats, as the Warriors beat the Crusaders 35-10. The Wildcats did win their second game that day when they defeated the Lions by a score of 48- 21.
Here are the latest standings in the Boys Junior Varsity Basketball division:
TEAM            W            L            D
Faga’itua            7            0            1
Tafuna            5            3            0
Samoana            4            4            0
Nu’uuli Voc-Tech            4            4            0
Leone            2            5            1
Fa’asao Marist            1            7            0
In other ASHSAA news, Girls Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball will be starting on Saturday, Mar. 1 with the JV girls taking to the court first at Tafuna High with a scheduled starting time of 8:00 a.m. and a total of three games to be played.
All girls’ Junior Varsity basketball games are scheduled to be played on Saturday mornings beginning at 8:00 a.m. The girls Varsity basketball season will be starting on Monday, March 3 when the Warriors will be playing the Lions in Tafuna, as the Sharks will be hosting the Vikings with a scheduled starting time of 4:30 p.m.
Also on Saturday, March 1, the ASHSAA baseball season will be starting with all games to be  played on Saturdays at the Tony Solaita Baseball Field. There are three games scheduled each Saturday with a scheduled starting time of 8:00 a.m. for the first game, and the rest to follow.
Keep reading Samoa News for the latest updates on these ASHSAA sports. Schedule is subject to change without notice.


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