Cool Stuff: Mufi for Gov

Mufi Hannemann, currently anticipated to run for Hawai’i Governor, met with media in August 2010 as a candidate facing off against Neil Abercrombie in the primary elections. [Photo: Barry Markowitz, 2010]

According to a recent Star Advertiser Poll, Mufi Hannemann still has a loyal following, while the current Gov. Abercrombie is losing his. Lesser known candidate, Hawai’i Senator David Ige has announced his candidacy, but it is an uphill battle for this under funded relative unknown. http://www.staradvertiser.com/newspremium/20140217__Abercrombies_rivals_close_in.html?id=245798681
Star Advertiser political writer, Richard Borreca expressed his insights this week, (sorry if its a premium link.) http://www.staradvertiser.com/editorialspremium/20140218__Poll_provides_early_warning_of_Abercrombies_weakness.html?id=245927841
So with Mufi facing a potential three-way split in a Democratic Gubernatorial Primary, an alternatively awkward Republican primary vs. former Lt. Governor Duke Aiona if Mufi became a Republican... so what should Mufi do?
The answer came to my door last night in the form of a petition to form the Hawai’i Independent Party. If I was back at the Palace Station in Las Vegas, I’d be betting Mufi is going to shock and then rock Hawai’i with a Gubenatorial run as an Independent.
Originally I thought Mufi would take on extremely liberal US Senatorial candidates Colleen Hanabusa and Brian Schatz. Mufi appears to be a traditional centrist fiscally conservative Hawai’i Democrat (memorize that pseudo intellectual analysis of mine and spell it backwards). Mufi is highly knowledgeable on national/international issues (check his early resume), yet as Honolulu mayor, he proved to be a strong local administrator.
Governor Abercrombie is historically viewed as in the same ultra liberal paopao as Hanabusa and Schatz, except that Hanabusa is ika that the Gov appointed Schatz as US Senator, though Inouye purportedly expressed in writing his preference for Hanabusa.
So we have stuff happening that never would have occurred, while the Godfather, Sen. Daniel Inouye, was alive. I don't think Ige would challenge a sitting Democratic Governor; I don't think the ultra liberal Hanabusa, Schatz and Abercrombie would control the Hawai’i Democratic Party.
My take is that Mufi Hannemann will run for Governor under the Hawai’i Independent Party to save the Hawai’i Democratic Party from its own self destruction... then reform and rejoin the Democrats later.
The Star Advertiser Polls show a strong ethnic preference by persons of a specific ethnicity (indicated by Palagi and Japanese heritage Americans).
So what is Mufi perceived as on the Hawai’i political stage? Cool Stuff perceives that Mufi is above all this ethnic preference nonsense. Heck Mufi is Samoan, German, Manuan, and probably Tongan & Chinese. Ethnicity doesn't matter... character and pursuing a righteous path for Hawai’i's difficult future does matter.
With College and Pro Football over, it’s the new and exciting season of “Bloodsport Hawai’i Politics”. You in the Territory should have fun because nobody is coming to pressure you for donations... and you get to drink Vailima and scope it all out through Hawai’i news on American Samoa TV (though if you live here and read this newspaper... the Samoa News has far better Hawai’i coverage).
Imagine two Samoan heritage Governors, Tulsi & Eni US Congress persons... wow — the thrills!
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Yawn, wake me up for the Talavalu debut in Hong Kong.


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