Man jailed for sexual attack on five year- old in Samoa

A 30-year-old man, who pleaded with the Samoa Court for a non custodial sentence after having an unlawful sexual connection with a five-year-old girl, was sent to prison yesterday.

The decision was made by Supreme Court Justice, His Honour Vui Clarence Nelson.

The name of the victim and defendant cannot be revealed since a suppression order was issued by the Court to protect the indentity of the victim.

The defendant was also charged with grievous bodily harm.

This was in relation to the assault on the victim’s father, 38, after he confonted him about the sexual assault on his daughter.

The Court heard that on the day of the incident, Christmas, the defendant visited the girl’s uncle, where he usually hangs out.

At lunch, the family realised that the girl was missing.

The defendant had apparently told the girl to meet him at their cocoa plantation further inland.

He promised to bring something for her from the shop. Instead, he sexually assaulted her. When the girl returned home, she ran straight to her grandmother and told her everything that happened.

In Court, the defendant asked: “Forgive me, I am remorseful.”


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