AYFS Football has two more weeks of regular season

AYFS Falcons quarterback rolling out to scramble with the ball after failing to find an open receiver during their game this past Saturday against the AYFS Steelers. Falcons won 22 - 12. [photo: TG]

In the on-going American Youth Football of Samoa (AYFS) league, we have seen some very competitive teams, as well as individual player stand-outs with various athletes already blowing up the competition with their athleticism and leadership skills. There has also been a slight change to the rank chart as of the conclusion of AYFS Week No.6 this past Saturday.
The update in ranks as of Saturday are:
No.1            49ers
No.2            Falcons
No.3            Raiders
No.4            Bears
No.5            Steelers
No.6            Chargers
(The only change here from the last update is that the Raiders have moved to 3rd place as of Saturday after beating the Bears 6 - 0)
Last Saturday’s triple header was a very tough matchup as the main event for the day was determined to be the match between the Cowboys and the Niners — classified as “the game to watch” for week no.6.
Results had the Niners crushing the Cowboys and any thoughts of ever winning against the reigning champions after the 49ers sent the Cowboys home with a blowout 36 - 12 win, piling it on to their undefeated record.
The match up between the Falcons and the Steelers had the Falcons written all over this match, but that was before the game started. The Steelers, who were considered the underdog for this game came out with a surprising game plan that almost secured a first loss for the Falcons. But the Falcons were able to re-adjust and arranged some very interesting schemes to win another victory to pile on to their undefeated sheet as well — with a 22 - 6 win.
The Bears and Raiders game was almost unquestionable, as the Bears were looking to be the better team in this game due to size and experience. But in competition, the Raiders never let down their guard all the way to the last second of the game.
It was a tied game with both teams 0 - 0 throughout all 4 quarters, until less than a minute remaining in the ball game, the Raiders scored their winning touchdown of the game — going home with a big victory over the Bears 6 - 0.
AYFS President Shiloh Pritchard told Samoa News that he would like to thank all the “parents, team coordinators, coaches, especially the kids for hanging in there as the season is almost over”.
Pritchard wanted to call out to all the coaching staff of all participating teams in the league, to please attend a very important meeting that will be held TODAY, Tuesday Feb. 18, 2014, at the AYFS Main Office (Warehouse) in Fagaima.
Check back for Saturday's video highlights as they become available.

AYFS Bears ball carrier KJ Lotulelei being stopped in the back field immediately by a Raider defender during the first half of their match up this past Saturday, where the Raiders beat the Bears 6 - 0. [photo: TG]


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