Gov will sit down with directors to review progress


The Governor’s Office will soon send out schedules to cabinet members outlining dates and times to meet with Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga to discuss each director’s achievements in the last 12 months and plans for the rest of 2014.
During last Thursday’s cabinet meeting Lolo told directors that he and Lt. Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga had discussed that “this is the time for us to start sitting down with individual directors and go through your mandate.”
“We feel this is the right time for us to... find out how you’re doing with your job and see how we can help you deliver the mandate that you were given at the beginning of this administration” in January last year, he said.
Lolo said each director’s contract is for two years, and “in time you will be called to come down and sit with us to see where you are. I know some of you are doing more than what you were given [in your mandate] and we like to thank you for doing that.”
According to the governor there “has been some confusion” on some of the things that cabinet directors were doing, but he says that’s a good sign. “It’s a sign that you are moving forward and thinking outside of the box,” he said.
Lolo said there are times when the administration feels public pressure because of some of the things that it plans. He cited one example of public pressure, the proposed Education Department plan for a combined one-day public high school gradation for Tutuila.
Lolo didn’t elaborate further on this particular issue but said, public pressure is nothing but “we need to make sure that we decide accordingly.”
(Samoa News should point out that graduation season for 2014 is back to the practice of previous years with each high school holding its own ceremony starting the week of June 9 for Tutuila.)
Lolo and his delegation departed this past Friday night for various meetings in Washington D.C. and Lemanu told directors that when the governor returns from his trip, schedules will be sent to directors for when individual meetings with the governor are scheduled.
Lemanu asked directors to also come prepared with their plans for the rest of the year and preliminary budget for the new fiscal year 2015, which begins Oct. 1, 2014.


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