Cabinet director wants wider promotion for amnesty program


A cabinet director has suggested that the government Immigration Amnesty Committee do all possible to reach all corners of the island in their publicity efforts to explain the immigration amnesty program and how it would provide for undocumented immigrants to live in the territory legally.
Since early last month, the committee has been running print and broadcast advertisements as well as members speaking on KSBS, KHJ and V103 radio stations about the program. They have also held panel discussions on KVZK-TV to explain the program.
But during a cabinet meeting last Thursday, Human and Social Service Department director Taeaoafua Dr. Meki Solomona suggested that the committee reach out to “all corners of the island”, through the canneries, at village level and churches and including at their headquarters.
Taeaoafua also recommended that the committee put their message on Christian radio stations, where there are also a lot of listeners. And when on the radio, allow people to call in with questions so that the program is fully explained in detail.
Committee member and deputy attorney general, Mitzie Jessop acknowledged the suggestion and that the committee will take it into serious consideration. She also said that the committee has held town hall meetings with the Tongan and Fiji communities while the Filipino community met on Sunday.
And during one of the committee meetings last week members of these communities were in attendance asking questions. 


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