Cruise ship could be needed for historic SIDS conference in Samoa

A cruise ship could be brought in if enough accommodation can not be found when Samoa hosts the Small Island Developing States conference in September.

It will be one of the biggest events ever stage in the region with over 3000 delegates and media.

The conference is being held to focus on issues such as the vulnerability of small isolated island states to natural disasters.

The New Zealand government is offering logistical assistance with high commissioner, Jackie Frizelle, saying they are helping there are enough places for the visitors to stay.

She says a final resort would be bringing in a cruise ship to be berthed in Apia Harbour.

"Three thousand, we should be able to accommodate enough people when you look at how many beds there are on shore, plus the cruise ship. The last thing we want to do is undermine local tourist providers so we don't overprovide."

Jackie Frizelle.


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