First Lady aids Rotary’s literacy project

[courtesy photo]

First Lady Cynthia Moliga helped the Rotary Club of Pago Pago at Leone-MidKiff Elementary School with the distribution of the Children's Scholastic Dictionary to the 3rd Grade classes. The students were asked to look up the word "perfect" by the First Lady and to use it in a sentence. A student volunteered and said "This dictionary is perfect!"
The Principal and Staff of Leone-MidKiff Elementary thanked First Lady Cynthia for attending the Rotary presentation of the dictionaries and said they were a wonderful and a generous gift to the students.
Each student wrote his or her name on the inside cover of the dictionary and the Rotary Club told them that this was their dictionary, not the teacher’s, and not the school’s. They could take the dictionary home to help with their homework and if their parents wanted to look up a palagi word in the Samoa News, then they could find it and read the definition.
The Rotary Club of Pago Pago has distributed over 700 dictionaries over the last two weeks and will deliver the remaining 400 dictionaries to the smaller elementary schools in the Western and Eastern Districts. A charter boat owned by Rotarian Peter Crispin will personally deliver the dictionaries to the 25 third graders attending elementary schools in Manu'a within the next two weeks.
With First Lady Cynthia for the dictionary presentation were Rotarians Utu Abe Malae, Tasi Scanlon, Jackie Young, Margie Tafiti and Roy Hall Jr.


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