Tax Office has new manager, while Melvin Joseph becomes consultant


Long time Tax Office Manager Melvin Joseph is now a tax consultant for the ASG Tax Office. Joseph has been replaced by Richard Jimmerson who came to the territory from Texas and was hired at the Tax Office late last year as a Revenue Agent V.
Samoa News understands the position Jimmerson was initially hired for was a new one created by ASG Treasurer Falema’o Pili.
According to a reliable source, prior to Jimmerson’s arrival, the Tax Office never had a Revenue Agent V. The same source went on to say that Jimmerson has the qualifications to hold the position, as he was an auditor with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and he has a military background.
Jimmerson has an extensive background in tax matters, having previously worked with the IRS in the International Section of the Austin, Texas District.
Samoa News understands that Joseph, a retired IRS officer, was not fired or demoted but instead, amended his contract to change his job title from tax manager to  tax consultant.
Although his position has changed, Joseph still occupies the same office space in the Tax Office — the same one he’s had for many years now.
According to sources, Joseph has become frail with increasing back problems. Employees of the Tax Office report that about two weeks ago, he nearly collapsed in the office but luckily, they were on hand to assist him.


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