TCF shakedown reveals no surprises — just more marijuana in jail


The presence of marijuana has surfaced again inside the Tafuna Correctional Facility, following a surprise shakedown conducted by the TCF officers led by the new Warden Fo’ifua Fo’ifua Jr on Monday. Samoa News understands there were two shakedowns, one during the day, with the second in the evening.
There are five inmates who are implicated in the matter in which marijuana was found equivalent to about 30 marijuana joints.
In the first raid, which was during the day, TCF officers found marijuana which is equivalent to four joints and the second time — at night — found more marijuana equivalent to 25-30 marijuana joints.
Samoa News understands the inmates on which TCF officers allegedly found drugs are in the pending unit. One is facing charges of murder, while others are facing drug charges, including the inmate who recently entered into a plea agreement with the government in one of the largest recent drug cases. 
Samoa News received calls from inmates inside the jail about the surprise shakedown, however when calls were made to Commissioner of Public Safety William Bill Haleck, his response was “not that I’m aware of.” (Samoa News points out this is not the first time drugs have surfaced within the TCF.)


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