Soldiers kept from families as search continues for 'sensitive item' at Schofield Barracks

Soldiers from a U.S. Army battalion based at Schofield Barracks in Wahiawa who recently participated in a 12-day training exercise are reportedly being prevented from returning home while a search is conducted for a "sensitive item" that has gone missing, according to the Battalion's Facebook page.

"Unfortunately, we've lost a sensitive item," said Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Ike Sallee. "This is very serious and requires a full accountability of all our Battalion, a thorough investigation, search, and review of our accountability procedures. We will remain here until the sensitive item is found."

Specific details surrounding the sensitive item were not released, but officials used the Facebook page to say that keeping the soldiers in place at the site of the training exercise is standard operating procedure during situations when valuable items are not recovered.

"We are doing our best to respond to this serious incident responsibly and according to Army regulations," Lieutenant Colonel Sallee said.

Lieutenant Colonel Sallee says that officials have worked to piece together a timeline of when the item was last seen to the time it was first reported missing, and that the battalion has been physically searching the training area for the item.

"Today, we covered and cleared 80% of the search area, literally clearing elephant grass and walking/crawling through the search area. We've also questioned most of those who handled the item."


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