Raiders tailback taking this one to the end zone for a touchdown. The Raiders beat the Chargers last Saturday in the first game of the day for AYFS week 4. [photo: TG]

As of Week No. 4 of the American Youth Football of Samoa (AYFS) League, the 49ers who are the reigning champions of the league have again taken up the No.1 seed, with just three more weeks to go of regular season matches. Looking at the outcome of the weekend games, as of now, there are two teams that remain undefeated in the league, but a tie is what determines the outcome of the two top teams in AYFS 2014.
The mean beast from the East, the AYFS Falcons still remain the top contender of the league, as they too remain undefeated, but a tie to their record since their match up with the Bears scratched them out from being the top team in the league.
The Niners continue to dominate and blow out opponents with another slaughter- win this weekend against the Bears, who went into this game with thoughts of a win.
Week No. 4 of AYFS Football also saw the Raiders with their first victory of the season after a pounding win against the Chargers in the first game of the day; while the AYFS Cowboys experienced their first loss of the season at the hands of the top contenders, the Falcons, who sent the Cowboys home with a 30 - 24 defeat.
The last game of the day was a total domination of the Bears by the Niners when the reigning champs demolished them with a 34 - 12 victory.
Rankings are currently as follows:
No.1 - 49ers
No.2 - Falcons
No.3 - Cowboys
No.4 - Bears
No.5 - Steelers
No.6 - Raiders
No.7 - Chargers

The Cowboys quarterback trying desperately to take this one to the end zone, but was stopped short by a host of Falcon defenders at the last minute of their match, sending another win to the Falcons record 30 - 24. This was also the Cowboys first loss of the season. [photo: TG]


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