Bluesky appoints Lewis Wolman as country manager

Bluesky Communications has appointed Lewis Wolman to oversee its mobile telephone, Internet and cable television business in American Samoa as Country Manager. Bluesky President and CEO Aoe’e Adolfo Montenegro said that the new post was created in response to the company’s growing ambitions.
“We are very happy to have Lewis back at Bluesky,” Montenegro said. “The next few years will be exciting ones for telecommunications in the territory and we have a great team of over 100 employees dedicated to making sure Bluesky offers local businesses and residents with the best choices and best value in telecommunications and related technologies.”
With Wolman’s appointment, Bluesky now has Country Managers in place in both Samoa and American Samoa. Seven months ago, Tolea’foa Douglas Creevey was promoted to serve as the Bluesky Samoa Country Manager in Apia, where the company has 170 employees.
Wolman is actually returning to Bluesky. He served as co-CEO of Bluesky ten years ago before moving off-island to take care of his aging parents. (The other co-CEO at that time, Fay Alailima-Rose, recently returned to Bluesky as Group Chief Technology Officer, after several years living off-island). Since returning to American Samoa in 2012, Wolman has been helping establish the Community Bank of American Samoa. Last month, Wolman was elected as Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce. From 1985-2001, he was publisher and editor of the Samoa News.
Commenting on his appointment, Wolman said, “My career in American Samoa has always been about strengthening the community by leading great private sector companies. I am very much looking forward to helping Bluesky narrow the gap between local telecommunication services and those that are available in the U.S. Narrowing this gap is crucial to the economic and social wellbeing of the territory.”
The new Country Manager said he also looks forward to working with partners and customers. “Bluesky has relationships with just about every household, agency, organization and business in American Samoa; I want to make sure that we are providing needed services that are reliable and affordable, during normal times and in times of emergency,” Wolman said.
Montenegro said, “We are very happy to welcome Lewis back home to Bluesky, and I am confident that with his leadership, Bluesky will be able to better serve its customers and deliver on our mission to harness the power of technology for the advancement of Samoans worldwide.”
The CEO also commented that appointments of Country Managers are part of the company’s preparations for future expansion, which may see the Bluesky name taken beyond the shores of Samoa.
Source: Bluesky media release


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