Succulent midnight barbecue can now be found at the Tongan Market


Looking for somewhere to take the family on the weekends? Then head on over to the Tongan Market where you can enjoy succulent midnight barbecue every Friday.
The Tongan Market is located in Tafuna, on the Petesa Road behind the Procurement Office.
Their International Night kicked off at the Tongan Market on the last Friday in January and since then, people have been raving about the delicious food items and the big selection of Samoan delicacies.
Modeled after the First Friday extravaganza held at the Fagatogo Marketplace in the downtown area, International Night at the Tongan Market is convenient for those who live on the west end of the territory — and for east siders who just want to take a long ride.
Food items being sold include: poi fa’i, luau, supo esi, vaisalo, and other mouth watering items that elderly Samoan men and women enjoy.
But while every Friday has essentially become First Friday at the Fagatogo Marketplace, International Night at the Tongan Market occurs on the Friday of the last government pay week of the month. During that time, food showcases are elevated to a whole ‘nother level, to include grilled size 2 pigs, home cooked meals prepared by people representing different parts of the Pacific — and the world — as well as live entertainment.
Visitors aren’t the only ones invited to come out. Currently, there are still spaces available for interested vendors who want to sell food items.
More information can be obtained by calling 731-6685/699-0995.


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