Samoa joins United Nations heritage body

Samoa has joined the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH).

“Samoa is known for its rich heritage and strong culture built upon the traditional community-based governance,” director of UNESCO Office for the Pacific States Etienne Clement said.

“Samoan culture has provided a foundation for the identity and development of Samoa,” Clement said.

Government has preserved and enhanced Samoa’s treasured heritage, he said.

“Samoa’s culture is living and thriving despite some challenges, including globalisation, commercialistation and natural disasters.”

Clement said he firmly believes culture and development are closely linked. He strongly believes development policies must integrate the cultural dimension.

“It is when integrating this dimension in development policies, (that they) have the best chance to be implemented and owned by the populations of the countries concerned.”

“I hope that some of … Samoa’s unique ICH – whether siva traditional performing arts or ie toga fine mats – will be nominated for inclusion in the ICH Lists of the ICH Convention.”


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