KVZK-TV extends its local news programing


Following public requests, the Office of Public Information has extended to an hour, the usual 30-minutes local news on state-run KVZK-TV Evening News, or Talafou. In past years, the news program had been 15-minutes for Samoan and 15-minutes for English.
During last Friday’s official launching of live NBC network programs, OPI director Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde was asked about the reason for extending the local news program, which is now one hour long, with 30 minutes each for Samoan and English.
“The thought behind it is that there is much more we could add to the newscast for our service to the people,” he said, pointing out there have been requests from Samoan viewers “especially our elders” who wanted additional Samoan language news, including world news translated from network television news programs.
“The idea is if we extended it to half an hour, we’ll be able to give a full local newscast and world news — being translated in Samoan,” Fagafaga said. “We’re also looking at adding a sports segment, and a local weather segment. And that’s coming up very soon.”


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