New tourism exchange to bring international interest to the Pacific

The inaugural South Pacific Tourism Exchange is aiming to expose Pacific tourism destinations to the international market.

The South Pacific Tourism Organisation is hosting the new event in Auckland from May the 22nd to 24th, following the cancellation of the long-running Bula Fiji Tourism Exchange.The Marketing Manager of the SPTO, Petero Manufolau, says the timing of the event is crucial, as it will follow on from the TRENZ 2014 expo in Auckland.

He says 16 Pacific nations will be represented and 50 international 'buyers', or tour wholesalers coming from places like Italy, Belgium, and Scandinavian countries.

"For the South Pacific, having those buyers from the long haul markets is vital for an event like this because most of them (tour operators) have Australia and New Zealand right in their backyards and it's easy access and we're always connecting with New Zealand and Australian buyers but hardly any opportunity to have direct contact with the long haul markets and this is an opportune time. "

The Marketing Manager of the South Pacific Tourism Organisation, Petero Manufolau


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