Glitch occurs while printing tax forms for ASG

W2s and 1099s not available till next week

American Samoa Government employees and vendors won’t be getting their W-2 forms and 1099 tax forms until next week, due to an error that occurred when the Department of Treasury IT employees were printing the tax forms.
In response to Samoa News queries Treasurer Dr. Falema’o Phil Pili confirmed something “went wrong” when the employees were printing the forms for ASG employees and they are currently waiting for the new forms to arrive Friday afternoon (today).
Pursuant to local law, employers are required to have the W-2 Tax form released to employees on or before Jan. 31 of each year.
Samoa News was informed by Treasury employees who wished not to be named the tax returns were printed yesterday, but they came out wrong, because employees who printed the tax forms have no experience with printing them.
In response, the Treasurer stated an error occurred, which they have since fixed and once the new forms arrive, they will be printed.
The Treasurer noted five boxes which contained over a 1,000 forms were used up in the first printing and they only have one box left, which is obviously not sufficient for more than 5,000 ASG employees. 
Samoa News understands that each box costs close to $400 and the Treasury office is currently waiting for six boxes which are supposed to arrive today.
Asked what happens if the forms do not arrive, the Treasurer assured the forms will indeed arrive.
In the meantime, the Treasurer reminded Samoa News that when a tax payer is ready to file — make sure to come in with all your information ready for the tax preparers.
Falema’o strongly emphasized that tax returns being prepared by his staff are strictly the simple tax returns without any schedules (i.e. Schedule A, B, C or other schedules).
If a tax payer needs to itemize, for example, using Schedule A, the individual “will have to acquire assistance from a tax accountant.” In these instances, he said, “you will need to have an outside preparer work with you on your tax return.”


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