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Dear Editor,


Thank you, Tifi Malae Ale for all the hard efforts you plan for our senior citizens on food nutrition in the future. This classifies you as TAOA director, as a "Man of Integrity" and Patriotism. Also, our food vouchers of $25 to $40 each month exemplify your initiative and total dedication — "your heartfelt love to our government and senior folks".


May I offer a few thoughts and suggestions, if you will, to consider before you make your changes (Tu'u atu lava i lau afioga pe a talafeagai):


a.  If you decide to serve hot meals at each high school gym, won't that interfere with their duty operation, such as sports and teaching classes or other activities? I can vouch for you on our Fagaitua High School gym. They are always on the move due to their busy schedule, with activities conducted at the gym from morning until afternoon, it is all official educational activities.


b. Food serving must be standardized to be heated at certain degrees on the serving line as per Public Health procedures; and not everybody eats at same time when hot meals are ready.


c.  Some of the incapacitated senior citizens (unable to move) might not have transportation to make it to this location where hot meals would be given out.


d.  Some of our senior citizens live on fresh fish & sardines, taro, palusami, bananas & breadfruit. And — some eat 3 meals on a daily basis while other only 1 meal on a daily basis. So, this will effect their daily health livelihood or habits.


In the end, I believe issuing food vouchers on a monthly basis is the best, and it would be more convenient for most of our senior citizens in American Samoa.


Kitaia Vaeau

Senior Citizen