Mexican man adrift for 16 months floats into Marshall Islands atoll

A Mexican man who says he drifted for 16 months and more than 13 thousand kilometres at sea was rescued on Thursday when he floated into an isolated atoll in the Marshall Islands.

A Norwegian anthhropology student doing research on the atoll, Ola Fjeldstad, speaking to our correspondent from Ebon, that the man is malnourished and unwell but is getting better.

He has apparently drifted from Mexico and washed onto a reef in a 24-foot fibreglass boat with propeller-less engines.

The man, whose name is Jose Ivan, told the student he had a companion who died several months ago.

In 2006 three Mexicans made international headlines when they were discovered by a Marshall Islands fishing vessel after nine-months at sea in a similar drift across the Pacific Ocean.


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