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Mother of abandoned dead baby apologies in Samoa

A mother who abandoned her new-born baby apologised to the country in the Supreme Court today.Samoa is founded on God and what she did was unchristian, Seutatia Taina said.Taina, 25, said she humbled herself before the Judge, Court and the country.“Please forgive me,” she said.She will accept whatever decision the Court made, she said.The defendant left the court room wiping away tears.Media have covered her every court appearance starting October last year when she was identified as the mother of a baby found partially eaten by a dog at Vaitele-fou.Taina, 25, of Vaitele-fou, last year pleaded guilty to abandonment of her baby and for failing to provide it with the necessities of life which resulted in its death.The offences occurred 27 September last year.At a previous court appearance earlier this month Chief Justice Patu Falefatu Sapolu adjourned sentencing and ordered a psychiatric report on the “mental and emotional condition” of the defendant at the time she gave birth.Today Chief Justice Sapolu said the report was before the court.