Mother of teen shot by police at Roosevelt H.S. speaks with Hawaii News Now

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's been a parent's worst nightmare.

Shereen's 17-year-old son was shot in the arm by police at Roosevelt High School Tuesday morning after he punched two officers and slashed a third.

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"Around 8:15, I got a text from the Department of Health that my son went to Roosevelt to register for school and the police were called," she said.

"I went into a panic. I fell to the ground and I could only assume the worst."

Shereen said her son is mentally ill and had just escaped from the Queen's psyche ward about two weeks ago.

Since then, he's been in and out of her home and early Tuesday morning, she filed a missing persons report.

Making matters worse, Shereen said her son recently began using drugs.

"My life was pure hell," the Nuuanu resident said.

"I was constantly calling the Department of Health and the appeals officer because I wasn't equipped to deal with my son who was supposed to be on medication and who was diagnosed with NOS, which is a psychiatric disorder."

NOS, which stands for "not otherwise specified," is used to describe psychotic disorder that eludes specific diagnosis. Its characteristics include delusions and radical personality change.

Shereen said she first noticed changes in her son about a year ago after a violent arrest at Pearl City High School. The school was on lockdown after a number of fights broke out.

She said her son was arrested after he started to clown around with one of the officers.

"He was taken down by the police officers and tazered five times and then arrested and then after that time my son was never the same," she said.

Since then, her son has been institutionalized several times but wound up running away each time.

"My son has been at Merimed (Foundation), he escaped Bobby Benson, he escaped Kahi Mohala, he escaped many times in detention homes," she said.

Before the Pearl City incident, Shereen said her son was a very good student and played Pop Warner football.

Hawaii News Now has chosen not to identify the boy because he is a minor and has not yet been charged. Police say the boy has a long juvenile record and is prone to violence.

Shereen said she's struggled with that side of her son.

"He was out of control and I feared for myself and everyone possible around me," she said.

For Shereen, the last 12 hours have been surreal.


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